Torstan Defense

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Torstan Defense is a Puzzle Tower Defense with a game idea different from normal tower defense games.

What's Puzzle Tower Defense ?

It's not like a normal tower defense(like robo defense or radiant defense) where you build a maze to protect yourself from incoming waves. It’s a little mix of those games and games like Plants vs Zombies.

【免費解謎App】Torstan Defense-APP點子

Your target is to defend your base from the attackers before they are destroying your wall and enter your base. You need to combine towers to get even stronger ones. Enemies try to reach you from five different lanes, but you can only build three towers per lane! So tower combination kicks in.

The story mode can be played through from easy to hard. It is told with a nice little story. For those players looking for an extra challenge there is the hell mode available after solving the game on hard. And it is really not easy!!

There is also a survival mode, where you have to survive the incoming waves of enemies, which are growing in strength. A local highscore saves your best times to compare to your friends!

As a bonus there are many achievements to be solved.

There are 8 towers available through the story mode: Standard Tower, Arctic Tower, Flame Tower, Ground Tower, Hurricane Tower, Stun Tower, Teleport Tower and Percent Tower.

8 towers may be combined by two normal towers: Blizzard Tower, Stone Tower, Tnecrep Tower, Firestorm Tower, Lightning Tower, Frost Tower, Earthquake Tower and Poison Tower.

【免費解謎App】Torstan Defense-APP點子

4 towers may be combined by three normal towers: Clear Tower, Shockfrost Tower, One Shot Tower and Cube Tower.

And now download the game and defend your princess in Torstan Tower Defense !

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Italian translation by Gabriele R.

【免費解謎App】Torstan Defense-APP點子

Spanish translation by Aarón Isaías M.

【免費解謎App】Torstan Defense-APP點子

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