Touch A Falling Star Free

【免費街機App】Touch A Falling Star Free-APP點子

Do you like falling stars? Now you can save an endless stream of falling stars from being planet food!

Do you like slicing games? This is an arcade game with awesome action and great sounds!

This is unlike most swipe / tap / slice games you have played. This is an action packed space trip that's intuitive and engaging. Grab a bag of chips and grease up your thumb because "Touch A Falling Star" will put a cramp in your wrist and a smile on your face.

How long can you last? Touch the falling stars by tapping or swiping / slicing and send them heavenward to keep them from burning up in the gas giant's core!


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【免費街機App】Touch A Falling Star Free-APP點子

- Arcade action

- Clean graphics

- Fantastic sound effects

- Fits most phones and pads

【免費街機App】Touch A Falling Star Free-APP點子

- No ads

- Minimal permissions


- Swiping or tapping moving objects

- Avoidance

【免費街機App】Touch A Falling Star Free-APP點子

- Chained scoring (clear stars without lifting the finger)

- Multiple lives

- Endless tracks

【免費街機App】Touch A Falling Star Free-APP點子

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