Touch Colors

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✿Touch Colours lets you create stunning images by turning them into grey, so that you could highlight the interesting and needed areas of the image with colour.

✿Instantly beautify your images with colours with simple touch gestures.

✿Photo editing has never been this easy and fun before.

✿Touch colours is an extra ordinary app for creating your own colourful photo gallery.

✿Rub the images to unveil the colours. Create awesome images by drawing colours over them.

✿Save your edited images as new, without losing the original image with touch colours app.

✿Compose beautiful high resolution photos and share those with friends.

✿Spread the smiles across your loved ones, and family. Share them on Facebook.

✿ Amaze yourself with this wonderful photo editing, touch colour app.

With Touch Colours you can instantly­-

❀Create amazingly beautiful HQ images by applying colours.

❀Edit your photos with zoom, crop and save options.

❀Apply grey colour to your pictures.

Easily apply colours to your photos­

+Select your favorie picture or click a new one.

+Rub the image to draw colours.

+Save to your mobile

+Set as wallpaper and share with friends

【免費攝影App】Touch Colors-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Touch Colors-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Touch Colors-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Touch Colors-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Touch Colors-APP點子

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