Touchgold is the best way to earn wonderful gifts or cash by watching a video or answer to a survey.To get your gift you will just have to complet task, that you will find in each Offers Wall in the credits tab. In front of each offers, you will find the number of credits that you will get for this action There will have some specific actions to dofor some offers (Like watch all the video), read carefully the offer’s description. Check for new offers on each wall and try to come frequently, there is new task to do every day and for someone which are limited, it is first-come, first-served . When you get enough credits to order your gift, just go on the Gifts Shop tab and click on your selection. For cash this would be send only with Paypal , so you have to have a Paypal account. Some information would be asked as your Name and your Email. When it would be done a confirmation mail will be send and it will take around 15 days to get your order.TouchGold is 40000$ of cash dispensed30000$ of Gems for Clash of clansThousands of paid apps offers for free.


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