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Towson U keeps you connected to Towson University wherever you are on campus, or off.Use Towson U to get in touch with faculty and staff, stay in the loop with the latest campus news and events, browse course offerings and more. It's Towson University in the palm of your hand.Features:Maps: Search for campus buildings by name, pinpoint them on the map and see their location relative to your own. Courses: Browse and search courses for current and future terms. See course descriptions, times, locations and even contact the instructor directly from the app.Athletics: View up-to-date news, schedules and scores for your favorite Towson Tigers sports team.Directory: Get in touch with anyone on campus, and add that person directly to your phone's address book.Events: Stay on top of important dates and deadlines.News: Keep up with Towson Tigers Today, Library News and get up-to-date OTS Alerts.Library: Easily find library resources. Look up location and call number, and see current availability.Videos: Access some of Towson's most popular video content in one easy-to-view place.Get Help: Find an important phone number or information when you need it. Report an emergency or get information from the Towson Emergency Information Hotline.Laundry: access laundry alert and monitor the status of your laundry.OneCard: access Towson OneCard app.

【免費教育App】Towson U-APP點子

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