Toy Plane Mode

【免費娛樂App】Toy Plane Mode-APP點子

Wanna activate the Plane Mode in your new SmartPhone?

We're offering you a new solution, in a free, messed-up stupid and even dangerous to public safety way.

Activate the Plane Mode and use your phone as a toy plane. You'll be popular and cool*. Don't bother about the people staring at you with an outraged face, and let your inner child fly**

It's fun and has no consequences!***


【免費娛樂App】Toy Plane Mode-APP點子

** Not tested in real children.

*** This app wont let you use your phone in planes, airports or any place containing air. It wont give your phone the ability to fly or resist landings. It's advisable to avoid playing with it near any TSA agent.

This app is a joke made for laughs, do not use it in another way than fooling around.

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免費玩Toy Plane Mode App

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