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Track Guard keeps track of the iPhone and is setting of an alert when it gets abroad.How it works:- Define time and place where the iPhone should be.- Set up the e-mail address where notifications should be sent to.Example: Your children are at school, the app will do nothing as long as they are there when they should be.You know your children's schedule, so it's easy to set up the app.The app does nothing as long as your children are where they should be, but if they are not the app will send you a message via e-mail.You can now call your children, if everything is all right they will tell you.If there is no response at all you can act. Call up their friends or their friends parents, their teacher or - in worst case - ambulance or police.This app works also for age demented people or worried persons.Track Guard doesn't prevent any dangerous situations, but it allows you to act properly when something unexpected happens.

【免費交通運輸App】Track Guard-APP點子

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