Track Your Weight

【免費健康App】Track Your Weight-APP點子

MEET & TRACK YOUR HEALTH GOALS! Use Track Your Weight to help meet your diet and weight loss goals. It is a reliable fitness app with tons of useful information. It also has statistics and graphing options tailored to your health and body!

♦♦♦ FEATURES ♦♦♦

- Track any number of profiles.

- View statistics like Body Mass Index, average weight change per day, required future weight change per day.

- Enter in goal weight and date.

【免費健康App】Track Your Weight-APP點子

- Change the starting date if you want to view statistics based on a new diet you started recently.

- A graph view shows your weight loss visually.

- Or you can view the numbers in a list.

- Configurable to use pounds or kilograms.

- Enter a weight from any time in the past or future.

- Enter in multiple days’ weights quickly.

- Password protection options.

【免費健康App】Track Your Weight-APP點子

- Added CSV Export to back up, edit, or view data from a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

【免費健康App】Track Your Weight-APP點子

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