TrackMyDiabetes helps you track and manage your type I diabetes.

Log Glucose readings and Insulin dosage.

Mark with events (like before or after lunch).

Add notes to any entry.

Quick method to add new entries and view your entry history.


Graph to display your Glucose readings against your Insulin dosage so you can see how they compare.

Enter Ketones (positive or negative results).

Need ideas to make this app more useful to YOU!

Please, send us a support email, or post a comment.



Version 2.0

- Mango build

- Added option to save readings to the "cloud".

- Added two new activities: After Sports and After Excersize

- Added setting to use Metro phone theme (removes blue background)


- Added email entry to settings

- Added ability to email data by date range, with or without notes

- Fixed Ads were appearing in paid version

- Fixed chart crashing issue

- Fixed date/time display crashing issue


Version 1.2

- Fixed data entry issues

- Fixed issue where some elements hard to see in certain modes

- Added Ads to most screens

Version 1.1


- Added support email link to about page

- Fixed two crash bugs related to date values (Please email support if you have this issue again)

- Added Trial mode (full featured with ads)

- Added Ads to the main page (paid version removes ads)


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