TrackStar Running Pro

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TrackStar Running is your new Running-Companion, which tracks your training via GPS and saves your training sessions. The distance you ran is drawn onto a map in realtime and important training stats are calculated. A adjustable location filter improves the accuracy of your device by filtering inaccurate datapoints.

The Auto-Pause-Function helps you to get accurate stats, even if you get held up once in a while. It will be started automatically if you haven't moved for a certain time.

A realtime diagram shows your average speed in comparison to your last session, so you can directly see how your training is getting on.

With the synthetic voice-output you will always be up to date during your training sessions without touching your phone.

【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

Via your personal data like your age, weight, height and via your running distance your calorie consumption is calculated more accurate.

If your training is done you can share your training session to all your friends via Facebook.


【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

- GPS-supported training

- Adjustable Location-Filter

- Share your session via Facebook

- GPX-Export directly to Skydrive, compatible with Google Earth, Strava etc.

【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

- Supports various sports(running, cycling, walking, rowing etc.)

- Map-Options

- Calculation of training stats

- Realtime diagram of your average speed

【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

- Saving your sessions

- Adjustable Auto-Pause-Function

- Synthetic voice-output gives you the distance you ran

- Additional live-data (altitude, current speed)

【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

- Split-Table

- Efficient calculation of your calorie consumption via personal data (weight, age, height)

- Various units like miles, kilometres, kilogram and pound etc.

- Big Live-Tile shows your current stats

【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

- Runs in the background and under the Lock-Screen

For support and more information see:

- Improved accuracy

【免費健康App】TrackStar Running Pro-APP點子

- various bug fixes

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