Translator and GPS

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

Translator and GPS is an App for languages translation with intelligent GPS and Map services. This App helps user to navigate in unfamiliar places or when visiting or holidaying in foreign country. It it is a tool comes in handy when you need to do the following tasks:

1) To translate some survival phrases into local language.

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

To use phrases for Market places when shopping

2) To use translator, GPS and Map Services simultaneously to interact with local people or asking for things like where to eat,visit, shop and party.

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

3) To quickly locate your current location by GPS when taking a Taxi or Cab.

- Send quick SMS to loved ones and friends your location if in doubt or just informing you are on the way.

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

4) To take photo with GPS info to remember where you have visited or the things you wanted to buy later.

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

5) To send Gps-SMS to find out each other locations and share info or photo that are interesting.

6) To learn languages by spoken phrases or help friends to translate language.

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

5) To find your current location with GPS map service and check out the places you want to go to.

【免費生活App】Translator and GPS-APP點子

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