TranzIt Blu HF

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

The TranzIt BLU HF App works in conjunction with the ISFM2351 hide-away

Bluetooth audio module from iSimple, providing users a simple utility for

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

managing their vehicle’s new integrated Bluetooth streaming audio and

hands-free features, controlled via the stock steering wheel controls.

TranzIt BLU HF goes far beyond other generic car Bluetooth kits by allowing users

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

full control of their Bluetooth enabled smartphone or Tablet using their

favorite Voice Recognition (VR) applications, all using the vehicle’s built-in

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

steering wheel radio controls and their current FM radio.

The TranzIt BLU HF App is used to remotely adjust certain, otherwise inaccessible,

system settings, as well as providing users convenient access to the

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

product’s user guide and other relevant online resources.

From within the TranzIt BLU HF application, users are able to change the FM

listening station from the default 98.1 MHz to any desired value between

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

88 MHz and 108 MHz.

The TranzIt BLU HF App also allows operators to change the device name, adjust

or reset the steering wheel control values, clear any previously paired

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

Bluetooth devices.

【免費媒體與影片App】TranzIt Blu HF-APP點子

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