Make your wish come true through TravelFeedback:

We believe that you should have an unforgettable experience on your trips. That's why we have designed the most user-friendly app to enjoy your trip in seconds. Many folks travel every day, week, month to different location for which they would like to prefer a proper source of transport. So this is a right app for you to get user review’s which will allow you to select a proper mean of transport as well as you can share your experience and views.

What is TravelFeedback:

Basically, it is a sharing process by connecting you to thousands of other travellers who share their knowledge and expertise for everyone about different mean of transport like Taxi, Railway, Rickshaw!

What can I do with TravelFeedback app?


• Allows you to give the feedback for the transport you travel through (Experience and views).

• Allows you to check the reviews for particular Taxi, Rickshaw, Railways you want to travel, just by entering the Registered transport number (EG:XX-XX-XX-XXXX).


• Another golden feature that allows you to get logged in through facebook and gmail for assessing the feedback.

• Here you will be able to rate a particular carrier from 1 to 5.


• Also you can describe about the vehicle ambience, comfort and other amenities being provided.


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