Treating Alzheimer's Disease

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*** What To Do When "Old-Timers Disease" Is No Longer Just A Joke ***

Dear Reader,

It's a good bet that you, like the rest of us, have forgotten something and then, jokingly, said, "it must be old-timers disease."

We didn't mean to be hurtful, but our comment can cut deeply if there is a person present who is trying to cope with the disease.

With more than 18 million known cases of Alzheimer's Disease world-wide, the odds are that you have had some contact with someone who is close to this horribly degenerating disease.

It may be a victim or a family member of a victim.

Maybe you even suspect that a loved one is exhibiting early stage symptoms of Dementia and/or Alzheimer's Disease. If you think that may be the case, The Complete Guide to Treating & Coping with Alzheimer's Disease is just what you need.

Learning what you need to know to understand the disease gives you a definite roadmap for how to cope, not only with the disease but with caring for your loved one.

Alzheimer's Disease is actually a form of dementia. What comes first - dementia or Alzheimer's? There are many conditions being investigated as possible causes of Alzheimer's Disease.

We are still exploring the possible causes of Alzheimer's Disease.

This disease affects vital areas of the patient's brain with serious effects on those parts which control long-term memory, motion, reasoning and thought.

If you suspect that a friend or family member is suffering from Alzheimer's, early detection is critical.

No matter what your situation is, you will find the answers you need right here:

Need to identify the symptoms?. . .Chapter 5 breaks it down for you into the three types of symptoms: early, developing and serious

There are 10 early warning signs and you can learn more about them in Chapter 6

Chapter 7 outlines the different stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Did you know that estrogen plays a role for women in regards to this disease? Chapter 10 explains it for you.

Discover how important early signs can be in Chapter 11.

Do you need to learn better ways to communicate with an Alzheimer's patient? Chapter 26 teaches you how to do that effectively.

How to care for an Alzheimer's patient without sacrificing your own health can be learned in Chapter 31.

Does your friend or family member exhibit signs of uncertainty when attempting simple, routine tasks? Are behavioral patterns escalating to borderline violence? Is there a family history of dementia or Alzheimer's Disease?

Any or all of the above could just be normal signs of aging. However, why take the risk? Don't wait until it's too late.

Get the answers you need now!

The Complete Guide to Treating & Coping with Alzheimer's Disease is not a replacement for sound medical advice. It IS a comprehensive outline designed to help you explore the options for diagnosis and ongoing care if your loved one is afflicted.

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