Trela for Retail

【免費生活App】Trela for Retail-APP點子

Trela for Retail provides an adjustable application framework that a retailer can easily reconfigure to deliver a branded array of experiences to its mobile employees and customers. By connecting to its own data and content systems, a retailer can project the following capabilities through the app:

• Mobile Shopping Catalog

• Store & Product Locators

【免費生活App】Trela for Retail-APP點子

• Personalized Promotions

• Digital Receipt Archive

• Loyalty & Gift Card Integration

【免費生活App】Trela for Retail-APP點子

• Peer-to-Peer Gifting

• Facebook News & Events

• Exclusive Multi-media content

【免費生活App】Trela for Retail-APP點子

The Trela for Retail app is pre-loaded with tutorial content so that a retailer can explore its capabilities. Note that items displayed within the tutorial content are not available for purchase. A retailer can then replace the pre-loaded tutorial content with its own branded content.

【免費生活App】Trela for Retail-APP點子

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