Tremble, Human Beings!

【免費街機App】Tremble, Human Beings!-APP點子

*** Many trophies to unlock!! Many coming soon!!! ***

"Mikomiko made his mind: the Earth shall disappear! He prepared his flying saucer and weapons and, as a really nasty alien, he will exterminate the entire human race... and now, the time has come to go! But the trip to Earth will be long and difficult... "

You are an alien aboard a flying saucer, moving in space. On your way, the planets appear and gravity changes your trajectory.

【免費街機App】Tremble, Human Beings!-APP點子

This is a reflex game based on the tilt of your device and your reaction time to avoid obstacles in your way.

【免費街機App】Tremble, Human Beings!-APP點子

You have to tilt your device on the left or on the right to choose your direction, then you have to push the screen to make a pulse in this direction.

English, French, Spanish and German.

【免費街機App】Tremble, Human Beings!-APP點子

【免費街機App】Tremble, Human Beings!-APP點子

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