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Trin 1.7 Brings Trading Index Information to Mobile Devices in Real Time.

Trin is an acronym for Trading Index. The Trin index, also called the Arms Index, is used by short-term traders on the major U.S. stock exchanges

【免費財經App】Trin Meters-APP點子

Cypress Point Technologies LLC announces the release of Trin 1.7 for Android Mobile devices. Trin is the first app to bring users real time Trading Index updates for the major American stock exchanges. With 4 meters to track important index changes in real time, users have up to the second information for the Trading Index. One meter keeps track of NYSE, another has the latest from NASDAQ, the third meter shows the S&P 500 and the fourth keeps up with Russell 2000 stocks. The 4 meters also show changes in the Dow Jones index, as well as the NASDAQ Composite, S&P, and the Russell index, as they happen. By automatically updating every 5 seconds, Trin allows users to literally watch the changes as they occur throughout the day.

Normally the meters barely move… that is until the Hedge Funds kick in. Then you will see a big swing in the meter needle. The Trin meter clearly shows you how volume is moving the market, and in what direction. This information is critical to short term traders.

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