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Over 189,261 FREE Trivia & Quiz questions to play

Trivia Share is a community of users who create, share and manage their own Trivia and Questions. We have the largest amount of questions available for any Trivia App on Android . More questions added each and every day.

Fancy Features:

1.Create, share and manage your own trivia and questions

-Create your own trivia and share it with friends and family

-Update your live / online trivia at any time : add, edit and update questions.

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

-Receive submitted questions from other users, review them and accept / reject to increase the quality and length

of your Trivia.

-View your Trivia Review & Ratings from other users, take the feedback to make your Trivia better.

-View reported questions from other users, you may have made a mistake, now you can fix it.

2.Add questions to other Trivia

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

-Submit questions to other users trivia, you may be knowledgeable in many subjects! So help them out!

3.Add and follow friends

-Add a friends UserID to see their status updates : from new high scores to newly added trivia or questions, see

what your friends are up to!

4.Challenge friends and compare high scores

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

-Challenge a friend to compete on a specific trivia, see the updates as you race to get the highest scores!

-Compare high scores with any user of the application

5.View public user profiles

-Each user has a profile with their high scores, share stats, trivia stats and trivia they have created. Available to be

viewed by any user.

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

6.Rate & Review other user made Trivia

-Give other users feedback on how good their Trivia is.

7.Report problems directly to the 'Author' of the Trivia.

-Think a user made a mistake on their trivia, report it to them and they can view it and update the question.

8.High scores for each Trivia

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

-Each trivia has its own ongoing high scores

9. Statistics page

-We have an ongoing high scores / stats page displaying : Trivia Shared, Questions Shared, Total Scores and Total

# of friends. Compete in all categories.

10. And much more...

Want to become part of the trivia revolution? Download and play today!

Formatted for both smart phones and tablets (Mostly portrait mode, few windows can be changed to landscape for user input)

Please Note:

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

1. Trivia Share requires an internet connection

2. If you have any issues or problems, let us know :

3. Think we should add a feature or new enhancement, let us know

Fun & User / Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority

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Currently English only

Version 1.0.1 : Fixed Foreign Trivia encoding problem.

【免費解謎App】Trivia Share-APP點子

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