TruckFarm: Match-3 Game

【免費解謎App】TruckFarm: Match-3 Game-APP點子

TruckFarm is a match-3 game with cartoon graphics.

You need to match 3 or more vegetables in a row to free farm.

Starting from the 4 level, the player contends against the UFOs, that prevent matching 3 vegetables and close the cells back.

【免費解謎App】TruckFarm: Match-3 Game-APP點子

You either can scare the UFO using scarecrows, or be faster than the alien invaders.

This "match-3" puzzle reminds such amazing games like Jewellust and Magic Vines.

TruckFarm optimized for most screen resolutions, including HD-resolution (tablets - welcome).

【免費解謎App】TruckFarm: Match-3 Game-APP點子

It is a free demo version of the game. There are 24 levels (same as full version).

The difference from full version - presence of advertising

Match-3 puzzle rules:

The player need match 3 veggies and open cells.

【免費解謎App】TruckFarm: Match-3 Game-APP點子

At the beginning, all the cells on the field are closed.

When a player match 3 or more vegetables in a row, they disappear,

and their cells become opened. The player can match 3 veggies horizontally or vertically.

【免費解謎App】TruckFarm: Match-3 Game-APP點子

The goal - to open all the cells on the field, for a limited time,

matching 3 veggies in a row.


【免費解謎App】TruckFarm: Match-3 Game-APP點子

Scarecrows are active game elements. Touch the scarecrow on the game screen and it will scare UFO.

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