Tsunami Watch

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Set your phone up as a Tsunami Warning center and manage who will get the automated Tsunami warnings(via SMS).

(Email me(shazlex.android@gmail.com) if you have any questions on how to set this up or troubleshoot any problems you may have)

【免費工具App】Tsunami Watch-APP點子

This application periodically checks the RSS feeds published by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center(PTWC) for any new Tsunami Warning events and then can either sound an alert, or forward that information on(via SMS Text Message) to any number of clients that would like to know about any Tsunami warnings(family, friends etc). Only one phone needs access to a data connection so that official Tsunami warning messages from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center can be detected.

You can operate the application as a server or as a client. When you operate as a server, your phone will need to have the application running and also have an internet connection to query the PTWC RSS feeds. Also while operating in server mode, the application can forward that information to people/phone numbers that are interested in

knowing about Tsunami Warning messages.

When you operate as a server, you must have the application running so that it can access the RSS feeds(If requested, later release versions may have the ability to operate as a server in the background).

When you operate as a client, you do not need to have the application running or be connected to the internet. You do however, need to set the 'server' phone number in the 'client' settings menu. This is so that you can be alerted when SMS messages from the server phone number are received.

If you want to see the Tsunami event in the map view, then you will need to have an active internet connection. Otherwise, just make sure the phone that is operating as a server has your phone number entered into their server settings, so that you will be notified as a client, of any tsunami events via SMS. You will receive an SMS message with that information.

An example user setup:

【免費工具App】Tsunami Watch-APP點子

"Before visiting a pacific Island that is prone to Tsunami events, I would leave a cheap android phone on the charger that has access to our wifi internet connection. I would leave the Tsunami Watch application running on that phone, and add the 'cell phone number' to the 'server settings' list of clients. This cell phone number will be the cell phone number I will be using when I am on the pacific island. That way, I dont need an internet connection while I am on the pacific island because my android phone back home will send me any Tsunami Event warnings by SMS if and when they get issued."

Please note, that Tsunami warning messages can be issued at any time of the day as the Tsunami events occur.

This application was not created by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center(PTWC). I created this application to aid those(and myself) in Tsunami prone areas to be alerted to any Tsunami Events as the PTWC issue them(and be able to warn others like family or friends). There can be a delay between when a Tsunami event occurs, and when a warning may be issued.

This application should not be the only thing you use to protect you or your loved ones from a Tsunami. A safety plan and other disaster preparations should be made.

Feedback and recommendations for any features are welcome:


Thank you to the PTWC for making the Tsunami Event warning RSS feeds/information available to the public.

For more information on Tsunami and earthquake events, see the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center website: http://ptwc.weather.gov/

【免費工具App】Tsunami Watch-APP點子

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