TswanaPhrases 2 Language Tutor

【免費教育App】TswanaPhrases 2 Language Tutor-APP點子

TswanaPhrases2 is a simple yet useful and completely free Android app that plays about 35 frequently used Tswana (seTswana) conversational phrases with their English translations on your Android phone. This is a sequel to TswanaPhrases1. If you master these phrases, you should be able to delight and “click” with Tswana speakers. The app cycles (random/sequentially) through the various phrases, and you can lengthen the pauses inbetween sentences in case you want to practice them out loud or need more time. You can switch off the English translations so that you can just listen to the Tswana phrases playing back, if you are commuting or waiting to see the bank manager! Also options for repeat/single play; long/short pauses and random/sequential play.

【免費教育App】TswanaPhrases 2 Language Tutor-APP點子

This app was built in the interest of getting South Africans to talk to each other but can be used by anyone interested in learning some basic Tswana phrases. Compact. Easy-to-use. Supplements the phrases from the popular TswanaPhrases1. This app was developed by the University of Cape Town’s Samsung Mobile Innovation Lab as a collaboration between Tessa Dowling, African Languages and Jean-Paul Van Belle from the Information Systems Department. Also available in four other South African languages. Find all our apps on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Information+Systems+Dept+-+University+of+Cape+Town

【免費教育App】TswanaPhrases 2 Language Tutor-APP點子

Specs: Small download using minimal bandwidth and memory. Should work on all Android versions but tested from 2.2 upwards. Aimed primarily at mobile (cell) phones but works on tablets too.

【免費教育App】TswanaPhrases 2 Language Tutor-APP點子

Keywords: Tswana, seTswana, South Africa, language tutor, translate

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