Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

Tycoon SMB (Small & Medium Business) is a comprehensive INVOICE / RETAIL BILLING / POS application incorporating "Best in Trade" practices specially for Individual run businesses, service producers, utility,corner moving shops,Line salesman, Route sales,Hawkers,Distributors Line/Field/Route Sales etc.

App will handle Sales Order & management,billing/invoicing, customer ,out standing credit & receivables & dynamic stock management.

Multiple bill printing options allows you to print invoices on most network enabled printers, selected blue tooth printers or mail a PDF or just send an SMS invoice.

Multiple report options Sales, Cash Receipts, Expenses, Stock, Profits, Tax reports, Expenses, Withdrawals , Day End Reports allows you to control & mange your business in a professional manner.

App works completely in stand alone/offline mode. That means no fear of keeping your business/confidential data at strangers server.

In Summary -The app running on Android allows you to manage your small shop/business/line sales on the palm of your hand.

Pay ONCE, that's all. App with all these features is there for you forever.

We are enhancing this app for more features as per your suggestions. Please involve with us.

Unique Features:

i.. NO INTERNET: To generate & view PDF bills, recpts & sales orders, all reports in XLS.

ii. Sales MARKUP & PROFIT Margins.

iii. Sales PROMOTIONS - Discounts & Offers on Sales Criteria/Target Sales.

iv. DISCOUNTS: Sales Volume,Value & Flat Discounts, Disc in %, amnt/cash back & Validity.

v. OFFERS: Free Item,Same,Other Items Offers & Validity.

vi. Integrated with PrinterShare (Third Party App @ Play Store supports printing on HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Kodak, Dell, Lexmark & other printers including legacy networkable) to print Bills & Recpts using your existing LAN/WiFi/Bluetooth/CLOUD Printer.

vii.THERMAL Mobile PRINTER: Portable printers to print your vouchers instantly.

1. EPSON's 2'' (TM-60II) & 3" (TM-P80) mini thermal portables.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

2. TYCOON's low cost thermal portable printers (In India).

vii. Book Expenses & Payments.

viii. Profit/Loss and Day/Month Summary/Closer Reports.


i. Billing.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

ii. Customers Mgmt(Export/Import by XLS).

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

iii. Category & Items Mgmt(Export/Import by XLS).

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

iv. Tax, Sales Orders,Invoices & Receipts Mgmt.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

v. Dynamic Stock Mgmt.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

vi. Outstanding Credit & Bills Mgmt.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

vii. Sales Promotions - Discounts & Mgmt.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

viii. Expenses & Withdrawals Mgmt.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

ix. Reports - Sales,Stock,Bills,Recpts,Orders,Tax,Sales Review,Profit & loss...

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

x. PDF Bills & Recpts – Generate, Preview & Mail direct to customers.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

xi. Customize PDF bills, recpts & orders with your business logo, signature, company seal & header/footers.


i. SMS - Bills&Receipts.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

ii. Setup - XLS import of Customers,Categories,Commodities&Stock.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

iii. Data Mgmt- Backup &Restore.

【免費商業App】Tycoon SMB PRO - Invoice/POS-APP點子

iv. Thermal prints of Bills & Receipts - Using Tycoon or Epson's mobile thermal printers.

v. Counter Sales - Billing & Receipts.

vi. Tax registrations, Customer Tax Registration IDs.

vii. Maintain your own voucher num sequence & formats.

Viii. XLS Reports - Generate, View , Mail & Print.

ix. Stock Alerts, No Stock, Low Stock reports.

x. Performance Reports- Average Lines Cut (ALC),Average Bill Value (ABV) & Unique Customers Billed & Not Billed in the period. Customer purchase patterns. Time taken to Bill, Average Bill Time & More.


Tycoon SMB-Call Center on +91-9035000033 (Mon - Sat 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM IST)

Email - support@tycoontech.com

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TycoonPos


Invoice, Retail Billing,POS,Point of Sales,Receipts,Cash Credit Bills,Counter Sales,Tax Reports,Sales, FMCG,Distributor,Wholesaler,Stock Inventory,Outlets Mgmt,Sales Mgmt,Hawker,Line Salesman


1. We assure the best performance on the devices 2.3 & above.

2. We provide excellent support & fix things quickly. Contact support first before leaving bad reviews.

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