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U.S. Marine Corps Summer Survival Course, Training and Skills: U.S. Marine Corps Summer Survival Course, Training and Skills is an excellent manual for anyone who might find themselves in a survival situation. Table of Contents: 1. Requirements for Survival, 2. Survival Kit, 3. Water Procurement, 4. Expedient Shelters & Fires, 5. Core Values & Mountain Leadership Challenges, 6. Signaling & Recovery, 7. Survival Navigation, 8. Survival Traps & Snares, 9. Survival Uses of Game, 10. Expedient Tools, Weapons and Equipment, 11. Foraging for Plants & Insects for Survival Uses, 12. Survival Fishing, 13. Tracking, 14. Survival Medicine, 15. Mountain Weather, 16. Intro to Evasion, Appendixes: A. Evasion plan of Action, B. Survival Quick Reference Check List, C. Animal Habits, D. Tactical Considerations.

ABOUT the AUTHOR: The United States Department of Defense (DOD) is the federal department charged with coordination and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national security and the military. The DOD is headquartered at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

The Military Departments at the Pentagon publishes some of the very best manuals, handbooks and guidebooks on a wide range of topics; teaching skills, tactics and techniques.

The content of these manuals are unmatched in depth, consider that some this knowledge is drawn from hundreds of years, thousands of man hours, and first hand operational experience. Also material in most of these manuals has been shared with other Military Branches providing even greater depth of subject matter.

【免費書籍App】U. S. Marine Corps Survival-APP點子

Military Manuals from the Department of Defense are unedited by outside individuals and or companies, this ensures the information is complete, current, and accurate as the military intended.

Listed below you will see some of the major departments or components of the Department of Defense. Here you will find just a few book titles of the many sponsored works from each department.

Department of the Air Force: U.S. Air Force Aircrew Survival; Air Force Handbook; USAF Military Working Dog Program; USAF Weapons Handling Manual; Airport Signs and Markings; Unexploded Ordnance Booby-traps UXO Recognition and Reporting Chart.

Department of the Army: US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76; Survival Skills U.S. Army / Special Operations, Tactics, Techniques, and Skills Guide; Ranger Handbook; Special Forces Medical Handbook; Military Mountaineering; Boobytraps Army Instruction Manual; Explosives and Demolitions; Guerrilla Warfare; Army Hand to Hand Combat; U.S. Army Special Forces Handbook; Survival Evasion and Recovery; Military First Aid.

【免費書籍App】U. S. Marine Corps Survival-APP點子

Department of the Navy: Seabee Combat Handbook; Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine; USN Diving Manual; U.S. Navy Seal Patrol Leaders Handbook; Performance Maintenance During Continuous Flight Operations.

United States Marine Corps: USMC 5.56MM, M16A2 Technical Manual; U.S. Marine Corp M40A1 Sniper Rifle 7.62MM; U.S. Marine Guidebook; Close Combat Hand to Hand Fighting Marine Corps; Booby Traps Close Combat Urban; Counterinsurgency; USMC Land Navigation; Scouting and Patrolling; Combat Water Survival; Map Reading; Sniper Counter Sniper.

【免費書籍App】U. S. Marine Corps Survival-APP點子

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