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【免費生活App】UCB Indonesia - U Channel Tv-APP點子

Welcome to UCB Id app, official app for U Channel Television Indonesia. This Apps brings to you Live stream your favourite programs, Tv program schedule, popular daily devotional - Word 4U Today, connect with us via social media and so much more!

Here's a detailed list of programs you can watch :

Inspiring programs :

* Joel Osteen

* Enjoying Everyday Life – Joyce Meyer

* Destined To Reign – Joseph Prince

* Running With Fire – Ps. Tak Bhana

* Brian Houston at Hillsong Television

* Live Full Lives – Ps. Jimmy Oentoro

* Good News Programs – Daniel Hendrata

* Mujizat – Pdt. Yesaya Pariadji

* Pemulihan Bagi Anda - Pdt. Niko Njotorahardjo

* and many more

Music Programs

【免費生活App】UCB Indonesia - U Channel Tv-APP點子

* Positive Hits

* WavFile

* Impact music

* and many more

Family & Education

* The Relate Show

* Youth Byte

* Cross Examine

* Little Film Big Heart

* The Amazing Collection

* Revolution Tv

* Travel The Road

【免費生活App】UCB Indonesia - U Channel Tv-APP點子

* The Drive Tv

* and many more

For more information about UCB Indonesia or U Channel please visit: www.u-channel.tv

Note : this app using internet data to stream video, for best user experience, connect via WiFi (lower resolution images may load when connecting via a mobile phone network).

The UCB Id app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

App: © 2014 Subsplash, Content: © 2014 UCB Indonesia

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