UK Citizenship Test

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

United Kingdom UK Citizenship Test includes Life in UK naturalization test questions

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

UK Citizenship Test App 2014

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

There are more than 300 questions on the naturalization test. You will be asked 24 questions and you need to answer at least 75% of them correctly. You won’t fail the test if you learn with this App, that has been designed professionally to study effectively and pass the Citizenship Naturalization Test easily.

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

☆ Learn the official questions ☆

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

☆ Practice them with mock tests ☆

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

☆ 100% Free ☆

Efficient Learning

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

• Lerncoach & real test simulation

【免費書籍App】UK Citizenship Test-APP點子

• No Internet connection required

• Statistics and detailed results

• Compare yourself with friends

• Now with highscore ranking!

Prepare yourself for the actual Naturalization test with this amazing App

In this App are lots of statistics and tools that help you during your studies. Your progress will be tracked and you’ll see when you are ready for the test.

Would you like to find out more about us, or have you got a technical question? Then visit us online or contact us via mail. Thank you and good luck!

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