The UPAD app takes notes to another level.

Your notes become more striking than a printed page.

And you’ll be completely intrigued.

:::::::: AWARDS & MEDIA REVIEWS :::::::::::::::::::

2011 Apple App Store, App of the year for iPad (Korea)

2011 Wired Magazine, Editor’s Pick app

2011 App Storm review rating 10/10

All in One, UPAD !!!

Note taking + PDF annotating + Photo decorating

UPAD promised smoothness and speed, on top of countless differentiated features from other similar apps. Let us enlighten your iPad life with what UPAD can do.


1. Handwriting

Writing in UPAD is a joy. Smooth retina ink makes your handwriting look remarkably neat, detailed and sharp. Comfortably lay your hand on our palm rest and start writing using a pen or a marker -from a choice of different colors and widths. Find your favorite paper from the template gallery –more than 30 styles. Use the zoom in window, for more comfort and pin sharp writing.

2. PDF annotation

Open PDF files directly from your email or from any other apps via the “Open In UPAD” dialogue box. Connect to iTunes File Sharing to transfer multiple files at once. UPAD lets you read and annotate PDF documents; handwrite notes, highlight texts, post-it, and reference images.

3. Easy editing

Do not worry about making a mistake. Just copy/move/cut and paste your contents to make it perfect. Page thumbnail window allows you to easily add/move/duplicate and remove pages in a notebook.

4. Share your work

Export your document to PDF or PNG format, and send e-mail or upload to cloud storage services- Dropbox, Evernote and GoogleDocs. Or just post or tweet a single page image using Twitter and Facebook.


5. Inserting Images and shapes

Bring to life your notes by adding images from the photo library or from the iPad camera. Rotate, resize, crop and frame them as needed. Insert a circle, square or line to add extra detail to your notes.

6. Get organized

Organize your documents in your own way. Make folders by subject or matter of importance and collect data into it. Set password to individual files and folders to keep them secure. Add tags to a document and find it using the search feature. Mark your favorite files and see them all in one place. Bookmark also helps you to find specific pages quickly in a document.

7. Backup and restore

UPAD backup/restore is simple and intuitive. Save your backups in iTunes. Use calendar to restore lost data. Just select a day you want to go back and recover your data with a single tap of your finger.

8. And more

Just explore UPAD and find how much you can enjoy your iPad with UPAD.

Visit our website www.pockeysoft.com to learn more about UPAD.


We always love to hear from you.

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