URSafe NoteCase PRO

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URSafe NoteCase is the best solution oriented towards to protect and manage your private data and images, developed specifically for the Android operating system. Allows you to keep in your notecase: passwords and secret codes of all kinds, as banking data, credit card information, site addresses with login data and any other important documents.

With the PC version of NoteCase you can benefit of additional security and comfort of use being always in sync with your smartphone.

The only password you can not miss is your URSafe NoteCase password, as it provides a anti-theft mechanism that destroys all data and image files stored after a certain number of failed attempts to login, set by you.

That is, total security!

Both, data and images are stored with strong encryption algorithms, using technologies MD5 and AES. These encryption technologies are used by US government to protect their sensitive data and are both native of Android, meaning more safety and performance for you.

URSafe NoteCase is the most advanced, secure and complete solution for managing passwords, data and images for private use.

For fast, friendly support simply email us: support@venator.com.br

Key features of URSafe NoteCase PRO:

- Strong encryption using AES and MD5 technology, both approved by the Pentagon for their own use.

- User-friendly interface, intuitive and easy to use, eliminating the need for complex manual or training.

【免費生產應用App】URSafe NoteCase PRO-APP點子

- All information fields, including the Secret Code reserved for the password, accept multiple lines of text and formatting, adapting to the most suitable layout for your information.

- The Secret Code or Password field will only be shown when requested by you, allowing shorter exposure of its contents.

- In the Notes field you can put your contact information or any additional information in free format.

- The icon identifier for each document is automatically created by a thumbnail of the photo taken by you.

【免費生產應用App】URSafe NoteCase PRO-APP點子

- Backup and Restore feature that lets you copy all files to any computer or to the Cloud, as additional security.

- Share your Documents and Documents Images with your friends, but maintain your secrets safe.

- Documents could be organized in Categories.

- Wherever you open one category, the last opened will be closed.

【免費生產應用App】URSafe NoteCase PRO-APP點子

- The Document Name field can be edited.

- One Document can migrate from one Category to another.

- Open the chosen Category to insert a new Document and the Document Category field is auto filled.

- It is released with the Black Theme as default and allow you to select the Light Theme as one option in the Preferences.

URSafe NoteCase PC

【免費生產應用App】URSafe NoteCase PRO-APP點子


URSafe NoteCase PC allow you all the Android functionalities on the comfort of your PC and direct synchronization with your smartphone: to use it, you only need to Download your copy from

http://www.venator.com.br/software/notecase-pc.html and order your Free Permanent Licence from the Options Menu on the phone application.

See how simple is to use it at: http://www.venator.com.br/software/notecase-pc-manual.html


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【免費生產應用App】URSafe NoteCase PRO-APP點子

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【免費生產應用App】URSafe NoteCase PRO-APP點子

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