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The Olympic sport of Weightlifting is the world’s most transformative sport. Its training methods produce the strongest and most powerful athletes on earth (they’re super fast and flexible too). Often from very humble beginnings, our athletes become to stars of strength through careful training with free weights, training that delivers results unmatched by any other activity.

Our sport is:

Safe – We pride ourselves in have some of the lowest injury rates in all of sport – concussions, spinal cord injuries and ACL injuries are virtually unknown in weightlifting and we teach all who wish to learn how to keep their lifting safe and effective

Drug Free – In the US, weightlifting has some of the toughest drug testing programs of any sport, to keep our athletes safe and assure fair competition for all

Affordable – You don’t need much space for weightlifting, equipment is relatively inexpensive and long lasting, and coaching is relatively inexpensive, so it is easy to begin

Inclusive – Athletes compete against others their own age, size and gender – whether you are under 100 lb. or over 300 lb., whether you are 9 or 90, there is a place for you in our sport, and there is no “bench” in weightlifting – everybody plays.

It’s Cool and It’s Fun – Being a strong man or woman (in mind and in body) is about cool as it gets, but weightlifting has the added bonus of presenting a skill challenge. Honing your skills can be a lifetime endeavor that makes weightlifting as much fun to do as it is to enjoy its benefits. And as if that isn’t enough, you can travel the country, perhaps the world, if you become a top level athlete, get assistance in obtaining an education and train with some of the world’s best athletes and coaches.

It’s All About the Transformation and Community

Weightlifting literally transforms its athletes in a way that no other sport does or can. The results can be truly spectacular, but are never less than dramatic, for those who train seriously and regularly. From building up a body that is weak and undersized, to helping someone lose weight and get into better shape, to rehabilitating injured and ill bodies, weightlifting simply has no equal. Nothing else is even close.

Perhaps best of all, you can join a community of people who have deep passion for what they do and who welcome others to discover the benefits of weightlifting. Our athletes, officials, coaches and administrators all support weightlifting out of their love of the game. Try weightlifting – you will love it too!

【免費運動App】USA Weightlifting-APP點子

【免費運動App】USA Weightlifting-APP點子

【免費運動App】USA Weightlifting-APP點子

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