USU Cowboy Calculator 1.0

【免費商業App】USU Cowboy Calculator 1.0-APP點子

A Product of Utah State University Extension

This app was developed for those who make their living raising, feeding and marketing beef cattle. There are currently four unique calculators in the app: Cattle Finisher, Backgrounder, Stocker, and Cull Feeding/Marketing. Each of these apps is designed for you to enter a minimum amount of information to get a realistic estimate of your break even sale price and your expected net return from finishing cattle, backgrounding cattle, running cattle on grass, or feeding cull cows. These calculators are tools to help you evaluate production and marketing decisions. The amount of information you have to provide is kept to a minimum. However, the validity of the results are based on the accuracy of the data you enter.

In addition to the Cowboy Calculators, there are links to CME Group Live Cattle, Feeder Cattle and other agricultural future contract markets. These show 10 minute delayed market quotes throughout the trading day. There are also links to cattle and other livestock and grain news reports. Some of these are daily reports and others are weekly summary reports.

【免費商業App】USU Cowboy Calculator 1.0-APP點子

This information and the Cowboy Calculators can also be viewed at along with additional information on the Feuz Cattle and Beef Market Analysis website.

【免費商業App】USU Cowboy Calculator 1.0-APP點子

【免費商業App】USU Cowboy Calculator 1.0-APP點子

If you have comments or suggestions for this app, please email Dillon Feuz at .

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