This year our college promises to bring you a refreshingly new and better cultural festival formed by our very own students. Udaan is the annual cultural extravaganza of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology with a vision to redefine festivals and to provide a platform for individuals to showcase their latent talents. With this being its debut year, organizers have gone out of their way to make this event stand out in every dimension, and put its competitors out of league. So, leaving behind the old trends, and venturing out into unpredictable waters, our students have configured a unique and outstanding android application. By wielding their excellent coding skills and conforming to the latest fads in technology this mind-blowing mobile app is a complete know-it-all in when it comes to our fest.


Aptly designed by 2nd year IT students, this app will aid you in making the best of what this fest holds in store for you. It contains accurate information, details and schedule about all the events including venue and time. Proudly mimicking the best of apps it syncs the calendar and app, by directly saving reminders of the event of your choice. It will also guide you with the help of the omnipresent Google maps to the respective locations (college) for people unfamiliar with roads. It features instant online registrations and a total summary of Udaan for all 3 consecutive days.

Udaan’14 brings to you the spirit of Mumbai on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February. So quickly log onto play store and get this app to transform your experience of a typical college fest.

In case of any issues in the application please feel free to report at:




Or Contact us at:

Parth Panchmatia: +919892603089


Manav Mittal:+919987664167

Aayush Kubitkar: +919769543541


Aashika Shetty: +919820208212

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