Ultimate Trail

【免費街機App】Ultimate Trail-APP點子

Free preview of the Ultimate Trail game.

【免費街機App】Ultimate Trail-APP點子

Join the Ultimate Trail, the extreme wilderness race!

【免費街機App】Ultimate Trail-APP點子

Ultimate Trail is a running game where the player has to think and act quickly to chose the best path through the mountains, and pick up the energy bottles that will allow him to go as far as possible.

【免費街機App】Ultimate Trail-APP點子

This preview version features a character who can run, jump and bounce off walls to make his way through the wilderness.

【免費街機App】Ultimate Trail-APP點子

The game uses simple, easy to learn touch controls and features high-definition graphics.

Ultimate Trail was created with Adobe Flash Professional CC. Learn how to create your own games and more at www.adobe.com/go/flash

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【免費街機App】Ultimate Trail-APP點子

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