Ultra Gunshot 3D

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Great news for all the fans of shooting simulators and aim-and-shoot games! We introducing new app Ultra Gunshot 3D! Practice your aiming and have fun!

Test your skills by shooting moving targets and compete with your friends! Choose your weapon and show them all that you are the most precise and accurate sniper!

How to play: in Ultra Gunshot 3D you are to shoot targets with the gun you chose. You can pick from rifle, pistol and sawn-off gun. Just aim and shoot the marks.

Ultra Gunshot 3D features:

- Three weapons to choose for you!

【免費模擬App】Ultra Gunshot 3D-APP點子

- Simple and addictive gameplay in 3D!

【免費模擬App】Ultra Gunshot 3D-APP點子

- Test and improve your aiming and shooting!

- Challenge your friends or relatives!

Take the challenge, load your rifle and start shooting! Become the expert shot with this amazing shooting simulator Ultra Gunshot 3D!

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