Under Bubble

【免費街機App】Under Bubble-APP點子

Under Bubble is a fixed shooter arcade game designed for those who want a quick and fun experience.

Game play features:

- Distinct color variations for the player's avatar

【免費街機App】Under Bubble-APP點子

- Contrasting backgrounds ranging from light to dark atmospheres

- Different types of enemies, each with their own speed and trajectory behaviors

【免費街機App】Under Bubble-APP點子

- Unique power-ups that can be utilized in a variety of different maneuvers

Other features:

- High Scores are saved to set a goal to beat the next time you play or to be the best among your friends and family!

【免費街機App】Under Bubble-APP點子

- Other statistics are recorded for you so you can keep track of your progress.

- Supports mute sound, for those who want to play while listening to their favorite music

【免費街機App】Under Bubble-APP點子

- More features will be added based on player feedback!

Give our game a try and let us know what you think!

Rates and comments are welcomed and much appreciated.

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