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Finally the mystery of modes is clearly explained. Learn from Mark Wingfield "One of England's most accomplished players" (Guitar Player Magazine). Discover the key concept to understanding modes. Understand exactly how to use modes and the easiest way to play them.

"A clever way to approach the Modes. The best for you is to watch Mark explain his approach. A Super approach, so a Super App!" Apps4iDevices music

Packed with video demonstrations and explanations from this internationally renowned "Master musician" (innerviews.org) who brings his unique method, based on many years of teaching, directly to you. Plus lots of pro tips on how to get the best out of your playing.

• Audio segments of Mark explaining and demonstrating each concept.

• Clear and simple text reinforcing the audio.

• Pro tips and extra details for each section are available at the tap of a button.

• Each mode is clearly explained.

• Videos where Mark demonstrates which chords each mode fits with and why.

【免費音樂App】Understand Modes-APP點子

• Mark explains and demonstrates exactly what makes each mode unique.

• A clear and simple path to playing and using modes without too much thinking getting in the way.

• Clear instruction on how to avoid the confusion people can get into around modes.

• Comprehensive exercises that will help you learn and use modes effectively.

• Reference section always available without loosing your page in the app.

More about Mark Wingfield

Mark is one of the foremost jazz and fusion guitarists in Britain. He receives continual acclaim on both sides of the atlantic for his innovative approach to playing. Mark's albums feature the cream of U.K. jazz musicians as well as some of the very best cross-genre players from around the world.

What the press say about Mark:

"Celebrated British guitarist" Guitar Player Magazine

"Guitar hero" "ripping rock-tinged abandon" JazzTimes

"Innovator" The Guardian

"I found myself amazed" The WholeNote

"Virtuoso" "Highly melodic" "Consistently brilliant" Guitar Player Magazine

"Irresistible beauty" "Extraordinary" "Sublime" "Magnificent" LUX ATENEA

"A key proponent of adventurous, swinging and modern instrumental jazz-rock fusion in the 21st century." MWE3

"Literally scaling new heights sonically" FAME

"Muscular virtuosity, cinematic soundscapes and distinctive compositional style with admirable authority." Guitarist Magazine

What students say about Mark's teaching:

“Great advice, helped me develop a more effortless playing style... A valuable experience that focused on music rather than just guitar technique.” University of Leeds

“Things which you can’t just find in a book or on the internet. It was really helpful.” UCL London

“I thought the masterclass was fantastic... he taught me to approach the guitar in a different way... an excellent teacher and in just a short space of time, taught me a whole new harmonic approach to playing. A truly worthwhile experience.” Bristol University

“Down-to-earth approach... At no point is the participant left confused.” University of Leeds

“I found he explained basic things that have always been looked over, I definitely learnt a lot” Masterclass, University of Leeds

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