Union Square Greenmarket

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Find the foods you crave and the farmers you love at Union Square Greenmarket in New York City!

Each week, over 130 farmers, bakers, beekeepers, fishermen & other producers come to Union Square with the food that they grow, raise, bake or catch, and sell directly to New Yorker's at GrowNYC's flagship market–the largest producer-only market on the East coast.

With the Union Square Greenmarket app, you can:

• Find out what producers are at market each day, or when your favorite farmer will be back

• Browse the thousands of varieties of fruits & vegetables grown by Greenmarket farmers

【免費購物App】Union Square Greenmarket-APP點子

• Get information about who our farmers are and what they grow, where their farm is located, and

• Find out when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season, and what farms grow them

• Search products and producers

Greenmarket was founded in 1976 with a two-fold mission: to promote regional agriculture by providing small family farms the opportunity to sell their locally grown products directly to consumers, and to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, most nutritious locally grown food the region has to offer.

What began over three decades ago with 12 farmers in a parking lot on 59th Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan has now grown to become the largest and most diverse outdoor urban farmers market network in the country, now with 54 markets, over 230 family farms and fishermen participating, and over 30,000 acres of farmland protected from development.

Learn about our other markets in New York City:

【免費購物App】Union Square Greenmarket-APP點子


This unique relationship between farmers and city residents has not only changed the face of regional agriculture; it has revitalized rural communities and urban spaces, improved consumer health, provided fresh and nutritious food to those most in need through our EBT/Food Stamp and Youthmarket programs, supported immigrant farmers, encouraged crop diversity, educated school children and city residents about the importance of regional agriculture, provided a wholesale opportunity for medium sized farms, inspired new culinary trends, and influenced chefs and eaters in one of the culinary capitals in the world.

Greenmarket is a program of GrowNYC, a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City's quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

【免費購物App】Union Square Greenmarket-APP點子

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