Unison Instant Messenger

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Unison is a faster and more organized way to work with your team. It gives you rooms: private spaces where a group can post updates or files and get fast feedback. Unison works from your smartphone, tablet, or browser, so you can stay on the same page throughout the day.

Some of the key features:

* Secure, fast instant messaging, designed for business

* Shared room spaces to post and discuss your team's work

【免費商業App】Unison Instant Messenger-APP點子

* Instantly synced across all devices: Android, iOS and Mac or PC in a browser (we recommend Chrome)

To get started, invite colleagues from inside the app. You’re ready to go instantly with:

*Fast, secure group communication*

Unison rooms let you stay constantly on the same page as your team. See what’s new, what files were posted, and who has questions. Get quick answers anytime, and get more done.

*Secure instant messaging*

Share messages and files. Get read receipts so you know when your message is reviewed. See who is available or busy.

*Access from your smartphone or browser*

【免費商業App】Unison Instant Messenger-APP點子

In addition to the app, you can log into Unison from a browser. Messages stay in sync wherever you access Unison.

*360-degree view of what’s happening now across your team or company*

From your browser, you and your colleagues can use Unison to create and talk in virtual rooms for each project, interest, or group. Participate in these rooms from the Unison app, too. You even see which rooms your colleagues are in -- and which have new comments and files.

Once you start working in Unison, you’ll need fewer meetings and less email to understand what’s happening in your business. Good ideas spread faster. Problems get resolved sooner. Everyone gets more done together. (And has a little more fun.)

Already a Unison user? Log in to the app with your email address and Unison password. You’ll instantly access your colleagues and rooms.

【免費商業App】Unison Instant Messenger-APP點子

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