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Zyksa Unit Converter now with Currency conversion (160+ world currencies) is a quick, easy and powerful tool for converting 23 various Categories.

Zyksa Unit converter can convert different units of measure viz. Acceleration, Angle, Area, Currency, Current/Electric Current, Data or Bits & Bytes, Density, Energy, Force, Fuel consumption, Frequency, Length, Light-Illumination, Light-Luminance, Power, Pressure, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume, Weight/Mass.

Currency converter with real time live exchange rates.


* Unique & User Friendly User Interface

* Supports over 49302 conversions across 23 categories

【免費工具App】Unit Converter-APP點子

* Converts as you type i.e. Instant conversion (no "Convert" button to press)

* Stores and gives the previously calculated values in the Same Category

* Quick list function to see a list of all conversions for a unit type

【免費工具App】Unit Converter-APP點子

* All major world currencies are supported with live conversion rates

* Easy to use swap function for a given unit of measure

* Calculator: For Direct Arithmetic Calculations

【免費工具App】Unit Converter-APP點子

* Memorizes your last inputs category used

* Add Favorite categories on top

* Round based on decimal places

【免費工具App】Unit Converter-APP點子

* Support for Tablets(portrait mode)

* Move to SD card.

Unit Converter Pro, an Ad free version with 75 + categories of is now available on the market.

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Disclaimer: The data collected for currency conversion is provided free of charge for informational purposes only, with no guarantee of whatsoever for accuracy, validity, availability, or fitness for any purpose. Use at your own risk. Its a ON DEMAND feature and does not run in the background.

【免費工具App】Unit Converter-APP點子

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