UnitConv app helps in quick unit conversion from SI units to USCS/Imperial and vice verse for most of the units associated in engineering conventions and computations. Therefore, App can be very handy for engineers and students dealing with subjects such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfers and other applied engineering subjects where property data requires frequent conversion.

This app covers units under following 18 major categories.


1. Mass (kg, lb, slug, ounce, grain, M. Tonne, Ton)

2. Length (meter, ft, cm, in, mm, km, mile)

3. Area (m^2, ft^2, cm^2, in^2)

4. Volume (liter, gal (US), gal (UK), m^3. ft^3, fl_oz)


5. Temperature (deg C, deg F, Kelvin, Rankin)

6. Flow rate (lpm, gpm, cc/sec, ci/sec)

7. Force (Newton, dyne, kgf, lbf)

8. Pressure (kPa, Bar, psi, atm, kgf/cm^2, in_wg, mm_Hg )


9. Velocity (m/sec. ft/sc, kmh, mph)

10. Energy (Joule, cal, BTU, m.kgf, ft.lbf)

11. Power (kW, hp, kcal/s, BTU/hr, kgf.m/s, lbf.ft/s)

12. Density (kg/m^3, lb/ft^3, m/cc, lbf.sec^2/in^4)


13. Dynamic Viscosity (Pa.sec, poise, cP, reyn, kgf.sec/m^2, lbf.sec/ft^2)

14. Kinematic viscosity (stokes, cSt, newts)

15. Specific heat (joule/kg.K, BTU/lb.F, cal/kg.C)

16. Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K, BTU/hr.ft.F)


17. Enthalpy (kJ/kg, BTU/lb)

18. Entropy (kJ/kg.K, BTU/hr.R)

By default app provides conversion factor. However, users can enter data to convert its value in another unit and also can generate table for the respective unit under chosen category. The following screen shots illustrates this for pressure, dynamic viscosity, temperature, and flow rates.


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