Universal Unit Converter PRO

【免費工具App】Universal Unit Converter PRO-APP點子

uConverter PRO (Universal Unit Converter) is a simple, intuitive and complete tool to convert unit of measurement and currencies.

With a clean interface, and without those units that nobody uses, Universal converter helps you in your work and in your daily life.

• Interface in English, Spanish and French. For your phone and tablet.

【免費工具App】Universal Unit Converter PRO-APP點子

• New units added with every update

• Converter of most used currencies. Updated everyday.

【免費工具App】Universal Unit Converter PRO-APP點子

• Built-in calculator.

• Converter of length, area, volume, weight, temperature, numerical bases, speed, time, pressure, density, energy, power, fuel consumption, angles, torque and bits.

【免費工具App】Universal Unit Converter PRO-APP點子

• Adjust the number of decimal places, ability to remember most used units and favorites.

• Easy to use: Kids, students, adults, and old people can use it without problems. Nice for Engineering students.

To suggest new units, or report errors, send an email to ismaro.394@gmail.com, and your inquiry will be answered as quick as possible.

【免費工具App】Universal Unit Converter PRO-APP點子

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