Unsleep: keep screen on timer!

【免費工具App】Unsleep: keep screen on timer!-APP點子

Unsleep is a “no sleep” timer app that keeps your device screen on for 1-300 minutes (you choose the time). Use it for long web reading sessions. Or when you need your device at full power for large file downloads, etc.

With Unsleep you WON’T FORGET to put the device back in normal mode resulting in a dead battery. Unsleep handles the task for you.

Unsleep is quick to start and quick to get out of the way. Your last settings are remembered. Start the app, timer, and exit in 2 clicks. Features:

- dropdown list of common times

- 2 configurable time slots

- battery level monitoring (option)

- also prevent wifi sleeping (option)

【免費工具App】Unsleep: keep screen on timer!-APP點子

- free. No ads.

The screen may dim but the device will not shut off. You can have Unsleep stop (prior to the time limit) if the battery dips below a set threshold (optional). Battery checks are done every 2 minutes. For the wifi setting: some older/low-power devices keep the screen on but power-down the wifi. You can prevent this (optional).

Email me with comments or questions. Thanks.


Common sense rules apply. This app is for personal use. It works well (I use it every week). It’s not intended for commercial or medical or production devices, etc.


【免費工具App】Unsleep: keep screen on timer!-APP點子

no sleep, stay awake, wakelock, keep screen awake

【免費工具App】Unsleep: keep screen on timer!-APP點子

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