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Are you planning a trip to Poland ? or maybe you have already been travelling in Poland ?

Poland is undeniably an interesting and great country. Unfortunately you can get a fine on polish roads not only from the police but from Municipal police as well, which is authorized to give a fine for speeding. Their radars are located in different places every day. In typical navigation devices you can find these kinds of information with difficulty.

Thanks to our application you will be informed about these radars and speed cameras and where are radar controls executed by municipal police.

You will feel relaxed !

You deserve to delight driving, not to look for places, where is the next radar, just installed !

Application ‘Uwaga Radar’ enables it all !

Main functions of the program:

-updating places of control every day

【免費旅遊App】Uwaga Radar-APP點子

-informing about speed cameras when you get closer to them

-possibility of checking all places of control for one city/town

-informing via sound, vibration or text statement

-bonus code functionality (please look at our facebook profile: to get more info www.facebook.com/bigisolutions )

In case of any problems, please contact pomoc@uwagaradar.com

Best regards,

UwagaRadar.com Team.

- FREE daily updates (According to your requests).

【免費旅遊App】Uwaga Radar-APP點子

- german version of application

- bugfixing

【免費旅遊App】Uwaga Radar-APP點子

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