VOR Walkie Talkie

【免費通訊App】VOR Walkie Talkie-APP點子

Use a radio group to global Social Media IP Trunk Radio.

Ease of use: the application's appearance with typical use, without Register.

Find new friends by distance, by gender, search by name or status.

【免費通訊App】VOR Walkie Talkie-APP點子

Communication to a friend by Push to Talk Group & one to one, the call FreeCall, to Chat, to Send stickers.

Make Free your personal channel (password protected) and the business or the public service (open).

Find Radio Channel by name, description, of distance, of Hit to access it.

【免費通訊App】VOR Walkie Talkie-APP點子

Be received simultaneously Channel by Feature "Follow".

【免費通訊App】VOR Walkie Talkie-APP點子

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