Value Finder

【免費健康App】Value Finder-APP點子

This app will enable you to:

Know what really motivates you

Find more meaning in your work

【免費健康App】Value Finder-APP點子

Become more decisive

Feel clearer and more focused on things that matter

【免費健康App】Value Finder-APP點子

Smart managers know what they want. They have a set of values that guide them. Knowing your values will enable you to make strong decisions and prioritize better.

This app makes it easy to identify your core values so that you can bring more of what you want into your work and life.

Using this app you will:

Identify your top 5 core values

Get your own values map of all the important areas in your life

【免費健康App】Value Finder-APP點子

Receive personalized goal-setting prompts for your top 5 values

Gain a plan of action with time frames

【免費健康App】Value Finder-APP點子

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