We are a Bring Your own 18+ Cannabis Vaporizing Lounge located in the heart of Downtown Toronto's 'Yongesterdam' We provide a clean, safe, comfortable lounge environment for our patrons to consume cannabis and feature live entertainment at least 5 nights a week from comedy and music to live informational variety shows. Every party is required to bring their own cannabis. No Asking, No Dealing, No fishing, No Mooching Inside or Outside of the building. Asking the staff and bothering other customers is especially prohibited and you will not be allowed to return to the lounge.

$5 Daily Membership is required. Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly also available. Medical users are welcome and receive half price on memberships. Vaporizers are included with your Daily Membership and our friendly knowledgeable staff is always here to give tutorials or help you with any of our equipment or any questions you may have. It is Strictly Cannabis and other cannabis products which are allowed to be used, such as Hash, Honey Oil extracts, and of course buds. Please make sure everyone in your party understands the rules upon entry. =)

No Tobacco, including blunts, cigarettes or backwoods are to be used or mixed with your cannabis inside the premises No Alcohol is served or allowed on the premises No Flavor drops, No Salvia, or any other non-cannabis products are allowed.

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