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【免費教育App】Vasoman Poddotite Shobji Chas-APP點子

This app provides information on how to cultivate vegetable and spices on floating bed in flooding area in Bangladesh.

A vast area of Bangladesh is situated more than two meters below mean sea level and vulnerable to high tides. Flooding and water logging is a common problem in Bangladesh. Climate change will aggravate this problem. There is evidence already of these adverse impacts, which affect the livelihood of people by reducing crop production and increasing food insecurity. Many communities have developed baira cultivation as an adaptive strategy to reduce their vulnerability.

Floating Vegetable Bed Cultivation, an Adaptive Option in Coastal Bangladesh is the solution from those people. Install this app and get details on this ….

【免費教育App】Vasoman Poddotite Shobji Chas-APP點子

【免費教育App】Vasoman Poddotite Shobji Chas-APP點子

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