Vegetarian Shopping List

【免費購物App】Vegetarian Shopping List-APP點子

The Best Vegetarian Shopping List App for Android.

The Vegetarian Shopping List is created specifically for those that practice healthy, fresh and ethic eating regimes.

A Vegan alternative is also available:

Features of this app:

- Shop confidently and ethically.

- Easy point and tap navigation system.

【免費購物App】Vegetarian Shopping List-APP點子

- Add to the inclusive product database that includes vegetables, fruits, grains & pulses.

- Browse over 15 product categories.

- Manager your own exotic or specific items.

- Simply press and hold to leave comments and notes on specific products.

【免費購物App】Vegetarian Shopping List-APP點子

- Edit your list on the fly.

- Simplified easy process; don't get lost in the over the top functionality of other apps.

Have you list always by your side - the fastest and most easy to use Vegetarian Shopping List on the market.

【免費購物App】Vegetarian Shopping List-APP點子

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