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【免費商業App】Verint Mobile WFO-APP點子

Verint Mobile Workforce Optimization enables frontline employees and managers to enjoy the benefits of the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization solution while being mobile. The app is a unified extension of the core Verint Workforce Optimization solution. It engages and empowers users by delivering, on-demand actionable intelligence to them on-the-go and enables users to swiftly respond and take action from the convenience of their own mobile devices. Users can:

【免費商業App】Verint Mobile WFO-APP點子

• View daily and weekly schedules for individuals and teams

【免費商業App】Verint Mobile WFO-APP點子

• Submit, edit, waitlist, withdraw, approve and deny time off requests

【免費商業App】Verint Mobile WFO-APP點子

• View Scorecards KPI scores and trends.

Contact your Workforce Optimization system administrator to enable the mobile app features.

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