Very Fast Bible Easy Bible

【免費生活App】Very Fast Bible Easy Bible-APP點子

A very fast simple easy to use bible.

I built this app with speed in mind. Quick access to book, and chapter.

Much like the hardcopy of the bible It has been built for speed and ease of use.

It downloads the bible from my website and installs it directly onto your device on first run.

【免費生活App】Very Fast Bible Easy Bible-APP點子

It is recommended that you are connected to WiFi with a good signal when you first load this app. Depending on the speed it can take a few seconds up to 5 minutes to download and install on first run.

After the database is installed you can easily traverse the pages of the bible with the easy to use interface.

It has been designed to run on android 3.1+

If you are migrating please make sure you UNINSTALL the free version.

If you encounter problems with the installation; uninstall the app and reinstall it should fix any issues you are having.

If it fails to load on your phone send me an email with the device and android version. I will do my best to help you get it up and running.

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