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(Please read the WARNING below BEFORE posting negative reviews, please contact us if you think Video Rotate did not rotate your video).

Video Rotate solves the problem of the phone incorrectly detecting (or recording) orientation when shooting video and allows you to correctly rotate video. Video Rotate is compatible with most MPEG-4 (.MP4 & .3GP) format files.

Rotation is carried out by modifying the header (metadata) of the video file, there is no encoding / decoding of the video data hence processing is extremely fast and this lossless operation can be carried out as many times as you wish without degrading video quality. After video is rotated it is renamed with a rotation suffix (-r090, -r180 etc.)

* List all videos in media library

【免費媒體與影片App】Video Rotate-APP點子

* Force refresh of media library

【免費媒體與影片App】Video Rotate-APP點子

* Rotate video by 90, 180 or 270 degrees without re-encoding

【免費媒體與影片App】Video Rotate-APP點子

* Automatic updating of video library

【免費媒體與影片App】Video Rotate-APP點子

* Basic video player which honors rotation correctly (NEW)

【免費媒體與影片App】Video Rotate-APP點子

* Video deletion (NEW)

* Video information detail including codecs and bitrate (NEW)

Compatible with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) to 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

If you have any issues using this application please don't hesitate to contact us.


Video Rotate works by modifying the rotation matrix in the video metadata (header). This is industry standard matrix is recognized by the built-in Android video player, the player built into Video Rotate itself, Quicktime (Mac & PC), Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo etc.

KNOWN ISSUE with HTC phones - it appears that HTC (in their infinite wisdom) have replaced the standard Android media player with their own which does not correctly support the rotation flag and instead stretches the appearance of the video. Note that the video is correctly rotated but will not play correctly on the phone.

** Windows Media Player and DivX Player do NOT support rotation matrix and we therefore recommend you use Quicktime if you intend to transfer your videos back to your computer for playback **

Best for playback of rotated videos on Mac / PC:

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