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VideoCam Widget is an application for recording a video with the widget on the home screen.

Once you begin to start recording, this app keeps recording until stop recording when you are using the home screen, using the other apps, our device has gone to sleep at any time. Be careful not to forget to keep recording.

== No shutter sound feature ==

- No shutter sound when start recording or stop.

- A recorded video include only video tracks, no audio tracks.

- Video quality is less than normal recording.

- Video quality or frame rate depends on your device CPU power, so it should be used on the high spec device.

- Video size is higher affect to encode proccess, too higher foce closed, maybe around VGA(640x480) is fine. Try to adjust video size on menu.

【免費工具App】VideoCam Widget-APP點子

- Not using for remote recording.

- this feature is alpha version, not statable. It is not concerned with free and no free, capable of being abolished for future update.

== How to use ==

- Add a Shutter(Silent) Widget on the home.

- Tap the widget icon to start/stop recording.


This app can record the video up to 5 minutes.

No limit on PRO version.

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